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The Seven o’clock Park

  • Park : Hors Parcs



The Parc de Sept Heures was first opened as a public promenade in 1758. It is the home of many monuments: the Armistice monument donated by Major C.E. Radcliffe, appointed citizen of Spa in 1925, the composer Meyerbeer who came to find inspiration at Spa between the years 1829 and 1860, that of Jean d’Ardenne, a well-known writer, born in Spa, a highly persuasive propagandist. Then there is the Gridelet Monument, the Colonial Association stone, the stele to the 1st Lancers, the monument to the Founders of the Promenades and finally, at the park exit, the monument to Maréchal Foch. It is widely known that the generalissimo came to Spa after the First World War, and that there had been discussions with the German plenipotentiary Erzberger.The park is situated in the centre of Spa.


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